Friday, April 15, 2005

Amazon is your friend... Really!

In my role as content manager here at Thomas Nelson, I am responsible for the mostly-automated process which ensures that our thousands of titles appear as they should on various sites around the web, including (which is by far the most high-profile). I am often contacted by our pub groups to correct some bit of information on a product page on Amazon (usually because they were contacted by an author). Most of the time, I can effect whatever change is requested. However, there is a good deal of Amazon content over which I have no control. Basically, this is my simple, but characteristically long-winded, primer about where all of the content on Amazon comes from, and which parts are actually under our control (and which are not).

Title, Author, cover image: Of course we do have plenty of control over these. Our automatic feeds generally keep these accurate, but we have occasional problems. Usually, if the title and author are correct in CPR (our “central product repository”, where all book data is entered by the publishing groups) then it will be correct on Amazon. However, there are a few limitations. Examples: they accept no HTML in the title field, so you can’t have a ™ symbol in a title. You can use the inelegant (TM), if you really need to have a trademark in a title. Also, Amazon generally discourages suffixes on author names (including “M.D.”) because they believe that they interfere with their search engine. We’re working on ways to keep our database clean so that we gradually eliminate title and author errors caused by content that Amazon simply doesn’t like.

If a cover is wrong, let me know and I can get that fixed very quickly. Amazon has an excellent process in place for cover corrections, and I can usually make that happen in just a couple of days (I can never, ever make any sort of change happen “today” – the zillions of changes they process in a week simply prohibit instant gratification).

“List Price” and “Price”: List price is the retail price, which should be correct. If it’s not, let me know and I can work on fixing it. However, these changes take longer than content changes because Amazon prefers to receive list price corrections from Ingram, their distributor, not from the publisher. So, the change has to filter from us to Ingram, and from Ingram to Amazon, which can take several weeks. Avoid making last-minute price changes to titles, and you should have no problems.

“Price” is Amazon’s selling price after their significant discount. Believe it or not, authors sometimes complain about how cheaply Amazon prices their books. Well, they’re not alone. Plenty of retailers and etailers wish Amazon weren’t so competitive. But their prices are one reason why they are the bookselling behemoth that they are. It’s called capitalism and it’s beyond my control.

Availability: If there is lots of available stock of a particular title in all of Amazon’s distribution centers, this message will usually say “ships in 24 hours”. If stock is low or not available in all distributors at a given time, it might say “ships in 1-2 days”. Stock can be low because a title is not particularly hot, or because it’s very hot and orders haven’t kept up with demand. This is not something I can generally make Amazon “change”. However, if they say a title is not shipping for whatever reason, or is a “special order” taking several weeks, let me know because that may signal a problem I can straighten out.

Search Inside the Book (SITB): This is a very nifty program enabling a person to search for a topic or keyword inside the book in question and read the 5-6 pages on either side of each appearance of this word. Presumably this lets a customer “browse” a book to see whether a particular topic is covered. I suspect that it’s more often used to simply flip through a book as one would do in a bookstore to see if the author writes in a compelling way. Amazon’s old process to compile these files was to take actual hard copies of books (supplied by the publisher), cut the bindings off, and scan them. They are now moving toward a more digital process whereby the publisher submits a pdf of the entire book. We, like most publishers, are a bit slow in keeping up with this new requirement, which puts a heavy burden on our desktop department. So not all new titles have SITB activated yet. Unfortunate, but we’re trying to catch up.

Incidentally, I have heard the complaint that a customer could conceivably use this feature to systematically search for keywords until the entire book is read, thereby preventing them from buying it. Well… yes, conceivably they could. But someone capable of such behavior is probably slightly demented, absurdly thrifty, and lacking a job or vocation of any sort. Not the biggest book-buying audience anyway.

Better Together: This is a program where Amazon offers two similar books for one price. It’s actually a paid placement program (just like buying counter placement in a bookstore). If you want your book displayed next to, say, Freakonomics, you can do so. But the publisher pays for this, and Amazon must approve the pairing (ie, it must make sense as a pairing). Otherwise, these are systematic pairings (and usually involve no cost savings) generated based on buying habits. I have no control over them.

Customers Who Bought This Book Also Bought: Just like the above, this is based on Amazon customer buying habits, and I can’t control it.

Editorial Reviews: The only thing under this section that I can control is “Product Description” which should match the description in CPR, and if it doesn’t, I can fix it. I can’t make them take off or rearrange their own editorial reviews or reviews from the major periodicals they quote from (Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, a few others).

Product Details: Things like format, publisher, ISBN, etc. I can get these corrected if they are wrong (but they rarely are). However, one note about Sales Rank: This is exactly what it sounds like. Ranking of a book’s sales on Amazon. There are many flaws here and it’s a good idea not to take it too seriously. For one thing, it doesn’t take into account multiple editions (HC, PB, Audio) of a single title. For another thing, the rankings are updated several times a day and fluctuate wildly. The rankings go up to 999,999,999. If your book doesn’t have a ranking, it’s not in the top million. This is often true of NYP (not yet published) titles. Believe it or not, only your mom is searching for and preordering your book a month before it comes out and promotion has begun. Just because Harry Potter VI has great pre-sales, doesn’t mean folks all over the world are salivating over the upcoming publication of 500 Great Waffle Iron Meals.

Customer Reviews: These drive authors crazy. But there’s nothing I can do about it. There are some things that an author or other interested party can do, however, when a customer review is particularly scathing. You can “report this” (there is a link under each review – just click on it). If the review is really personal or nasty or off-topic, Amazon may review and remove it. But they give a lot of leeway with customer reviews. It’s meant to be a public forum, after all, and booksellers tend to be big on free speech. You can also vote “not helpful” (voting buttons are above each review). This has no effect whatsoever but may make you feel better. Actually, a reviewer with a lot of negative votes ends up with a bad “reviewer score”, but not many Amazon reviewers actually care. Finally, you can get all your friends, your publicist, and your mom to write glowing reviews of your book. Customer reviews never fall off the site completely, but when enough collect, they are archived to another page (one must click on “see all customer reviews” to see more than the first few). The ones at the top are always the most recent. I don’t suggest this because I approve of the tactic, however. As a user of Amazon, I wish that all customer reviews were written by unbiased third parties with serious intent to share opinion after having actually read the entire book. But I can usually spot the ones written by publicists, friends and moms and these are the books I’m least likely to buy.

Finally, a word on the Amazon search engine: If you have a book titled Ben Franklin Sat on My Cupcake and you do a search for it on Amazon, you may not find your book at the top of the search results. You may not even find it on the first, or second, or third page of search results, especially if it’s NYP (not yet printed). This is because Amazon’s search engine doesn’t weigh exact title match as heavily as you might think. Their search engine takes into account availability and sales rank. So your book may be hidden behind a raft of other titles about Ben Franklin and cupcakes and S.A.T. scores. As your book gains a sales ranking, it will move up on the list, just be patient.

As I always say, please let me know if you have any questions...


At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a really fascinating look at one of my favorite sites on the internet. Two Thumbs Up!

At 3:27 PM, Blogger Michael Hyatt said...

Christy, This was fascinating. I learned more about the inner workings of in 10 minutes that I have learned elsewhere in seven years. Great job. I am going to start directing authors to this post. Thanks, Mike.

At 1:26 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

Hey Smackberry! Thanks so much for your insightful information regarding this sometimes opaque process. I'm going to send an e-mail to my listserve of authors so they can get the inside scoop too.

Thanks a lot!
Nancy from Philadelphia

At 1:39 AM, Anonymous beejay said...

"Finally, a word on the Amazon search engine: If you have a book titled Ben Franklin Sat on My Cupcake and you do a search for it on Amazon, you may not find your book at the top of the search results. You may not even find it on the first, or second, or third page of search results, especially if it’s NYP (not yet printed). This is because Amazon’s search engine doesn’t weigh exact title match as heavily as you might think. Their search engine takes into account availability and sales rank. So your book may be hidden behind a raft of other titles about Ben Franklin and cupcakes and S.A.T. scores. As your book gains a sales ranking, it will move up on the list, just be patient."

As a customer, I have to say that this is not only bizarre but annoying. I can't tell you the number of times I've put in a complete and accurate book title, only to get back 100 pages of results. If I put in an exact title, and anyone expects me to search through 100 pages of results in order to buy the book, well, they aren't very marketing savvy. By page three, I've lost interest. I'll go somewhere else and buy it.

Also, I've searched on the name of a best selling author, only to be told that there are no listings for that author. WTF??? I have to try to remember a title and search on that, hoping, of course, I don't get 100 pages of results, then click my way to the book's page, THEN click on the author's name. And not all their books are necessarily listed under the correct author name, either.

This is really dud marketing, you know? And, no, I'm not blaming you for company policies. ;-)

Also, that "look inside" feature, since they changed the format, 99 times out of 100, I can't get the thing to load. It used to work really well, until they got fancy.

Then there's the deal with getting hits on every time a word or name is mentioned in text inside any book. Yikes. Why don't they make that optional, for gosh sake? That takes a ton of processing power, and I would venture to guess the a huge majority of Amazon shoppers aren't interested in anything but the single book or author they asked for. If I want to know how many times Jennifer Crusie, e.g., is mentioned in other people's books, then I'll say, "full text search," or whatever, but why are they wasting the customer's time and theirs, too?

Wow, am I glad I found this posting. Gave me a chance to vent on the many things that have been bugging me more and more about Amazon.


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